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Your school always on your mobile

The current educational system is still adapting to the use of current technologies. The schools use multiple tools to communicate with the families, and this can be a nuisance.

As a solution for this, Dinantia offers one single access point to information and the communication with the centre. With our platform, parents and students can focus all of their school's communication on a mobile phone. Your school, one click away.

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Push Notifications

When the school sends you a message, you'll be warned via push notification (same as Whatasapp) that will appear in the device where you installed the app. You will also receive the notifications of events that are registered in the calendar. Receiving and sending messages will not have any kind of associated cost, and downloading the app is for free.

Notificación Push en iOS y Android

Attached files

Dinantia allows you to send attached files to your messages. Your school will be able to send you reports, images, videos, documents, etc. that only you will be able to see, print, send or share.

If the school has activated this function you'll also be able to send messages with attachments. This can be useful to justify an absence, sign a document, etc.

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Interaction with the school

With our platform, the school will be able to send you messages with questions so you can authorize school trips, arrange meetings, confirm and justify absences of your kids, anonymous opinion polls, etc.

Besides, all the authorizations signed from Dinantia have legal validity.

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As a parent, you will be able to see which events affect your kids. The students can only see the events that are directly related to them.

Parents with multiple chidren will be able to distinguish their activities on the calendar by the use of different colors to represent them. Besides, you'll be able to share any event with your Google or iPhone calendar.

Calendario de Dinantia


Dinantia includes one module dedicated to measure the classe's attendance. By using it, you'll be able to make a quick check, while registering all attendees, absences and delays.

If your kid doesn't attend class, the shcool will send you an automatic notification. You'll be able to justify the absence and also attach a file from the same mobile you received the notification on.

Control de asistencia con Dinantia

Stop Bullying

Our platform provides schools with a stop bullying module, where both students and parents will be able to report any situation in real time via chat while getting help from a bullying responsible that in turn will provide of all the support needed.

Communicating through this module is anonymous, unless its user wants to reveal its identity. The communication is always encripted to ensure confidentiality.

Stop Bullying con Dinantia

School Menu

Don't worry: your "i will have to navigate a 7 page PDF just to find out what my kids ate" days are over. With Dinantia, you can access your children daily menus with just only one click.

Menú escolar siempre disponible con Dinantia

Free download

You won't pay anything for downloading the app, and you can install it in both mobiles and tablets. You can also have an unique account for multiple devices. And if for any reason you don't want to install the app, you can still receive all the school messages directly by email, or by logging in the web version.

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If for any reason you don't install the app, you'll receive the messages directly by email. Also you can access directly to its web version.

Dinantia para iOS y Android

Unique messages

Even if you have more than one kid in the same school, you'll never receive the same information twice. If you customize your kids profile, you'll clearly be able to see if the message is just for one of them or to all of them, etc.

Los mensajes no se duplican

Contact data always available

Despite being a mobile app, you'll just need an email to use Dinantia. Only the school administrators would be able to access it. Besides, with our platform the communication is always between the school and the families; other parents won't be able to communicate with you or even see your data.

Datos confidenciales con Dinantia

Do you want your kids college to start using Dinantia? Write us and we will get in touch with you.